The Legend of Herobrine is a mod designed for modern versions of Minecraft that aims to add Herobrine to the game with many new gameplay features while also fitting in with vanilla gameplay and keeping the scary theme surrounding Herobrine while remaining relevant and fun in larger modpacks.



Bedrock Sword

Herobrine's weapon of choice. Deals 10 points of damage and has unlimited durability. Can not be obtained in Survival by default.

Cursed Dust

Said to contain evil powers, this dust is essential in magic surrounding Herobrine.

Cursed Diamond

A diamond that has been cursed with evil powers. The diamond has turned purple and small pieces seem to flake off however, the gem does not seem to lose any mass in the process.

Cursed Diamond Tools and Armor.

A set of tools and armor made with Cursed Diamonds. While slightly stronger and more enchantable than Diamond in every way prolonged exposure to the evil magic that it was made from has not been extensively studied however, it does seem harmless. During the forging process material has stopped flaking off however, it is unknown why many believe it to be the heat that stabilizes the diamond. This set of tools and armor each seem to have a unique magical ability which can greatly improve the user's combat effectiveness or have a useful ability for their respective tasks. Each piece of armor adds a status effect to the user with a bonus if wearing the full set, the sword has a magical lightning strike ability which seems to be charged by kills, the pickaxe smelts blocks that it is used to mine, the shovel has a silk touch like effect on blocks, the hoe can be used to fertilize crops similar to bonemeal, and the axe has a berserk-like ability adding strong status effects to the user for a short period of time.

Holy Water

Water that has undergone a blessing by Notch. Has a powerful healing effect on most mobs and can be used to combat Herobrine directly or by removing the Mage's illusions.

Unholy Water

Holy Water that has been cursed with evil magic. Lights any target on fire and gives them powerful hunger and wither effects. Handle with extreme caution.

Purified Diamond

A Cursed Diamond which has been purified in a ritual involving Holy Water and several incantations. This gem is essential in removing Herobrine from your world.

Music Disc: C418 - Dog

A music disc that plays the track "dog" by C418. C418 - dog was present in the Minecraft Volume Alpha album, but was never added to Minecraft and is present in the Legacy Console edition added to the end of C418 - cat.


Altar of Herobrine

The altar that is used in rituals involving Herobrine. When a cursed Diamond is placed in the center lightning strikes and Herobrine is summoned into the world with only one way to remove him.

Cursed Block of Diamond

A solid block made of 9 Cursed Diamonds.

Purified Block of Diamond

A solid block made of 9 Purified Diamonds.

Statue of Herobrine

A stone monument to Herobrine. Naturally spawn in mountain biomes after Herobrine has been summoned in your world and can be crafted.


Herobrine (Warrior)

The combat-focused variant of Herobrine. Very hostile and carrys a Bedrock Sword and can break blocks to get to the player. Do not engage without at least full Iron, enchanted diamond or better is highly recommended.

Herobrine (Mage)

A powerful variant of Herobrine that can use dark magic to weaken the target or teleport them and can create fake illusions of its self to confuse any attackers.

Herobrine (Spy)

A more mysterious variant of Herobrine that observes the player from a distance before disappearing. Will actively run away from any persuing player.

Herobrine (Builder)

A variant of Herobrine that is responsible for building various monuments, mineshafts, and occasional signs. Signs sometimes are readable, while others are written in an unknown magical language.

Herobrine (Stalker)

A variant of Herobrine that wanders around the world stalking the player before charging them and disappearing leaving the player scared, confused, and disoriented. Can make any affected player vulnerable to attacks. 

Infected Mobs

Normally peaceful mobs that have been possessed by Herobrine and turned evil. Generally very slow, weak, and easy to kill. Can be cured by splashing them with Holy Water.


Humans that inhabit your world and trade items that are helpful in summoning and defeating Herobrine. They spawn in uncommon survivor base structures located across the overworld.


Cursed Forest

A forest that has had most of its leaves removed through the evil magic of Herobrine. Can occur before Herobrine has been summoned which shows that the border between Herobrine's world and ours is weak which could explain why almost anyone can summon him.


Trapped Houses

A rather cozy house that contains all the necessities for a good survival home. The chests contain good loot, but be careful, the house is trapped with TNT and pressure plates!

Ocean Sand Pyramids

Strange pyramids of sand that have been built across ocean biomes by the subtle influence of Herobrine.

Statues of Herobrine

Statues that have been placed in mountain biomes and occur after Herobrine is summoned in a world. They serve as a nice decoration piece and can scare the unassuming traveler.


Redstone torch monuments that have been built by Herobrine and seem to serve no purpose other than decoration.

Ominous Mineshaft 

Built by Herobrine, these mineshafts are dark hallways that are occasionally found underground and only lit by a handful of Redstone Torches and can expose useful ores.

Survivor Bases

The homes built by the survivors. Contains all you would ever need from a survival home, a perimeter wall, automatic lighting system, a bed, food, armor, tools, crafting stations, and even a jukebox!

Ruined Shrines

Remnants of the Herobrine summoning rituals from times long ago. Only found in dark forest biomes, where the woodland mansion is located, the main base of operations for the Illagers, perhaps there is some correlation...