Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I find or even spawn Herobrine or Infected mobs?

You need to activate an Altar of Herobrine by right-clicking it with a cursed diamond before Herobrine or Infected mobs can exist in your world.

The Altar of Herobrine does not work. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

First, you need to build a shrine under the Altar of Herobrine. I would recommend watching this tutorial video:

How do I remove Herobrine from my world?

You purify an Altar of Herobrine by right-clicking it with a purified diamond.

I think I found a bug. Where do I report it?

Please report any bugs to the issue tracker on GitHub.

How can I contribute to this mod?

Any contributions are welcome and if your work makes it into the mod you will be added to the credits. You can make commits and pull requests to the GitHub page to make contributions to the mod and I will decide if I want to merge that with the branch you requested to contribute to.

Can I use your mod's code for my own mod?

Not without direct permission from me. Chances are I will say yes if you ask first.

Can I use this in a modpack?

Yes, you can! I would also really like to hear about modpacks this mod is included in, but you don't need to tell me about them.

Is this mod compatible with Forge or Fabric?

This mod was designed to run through Minecraft Forge and therefore is not compatible with Fabric. There is a possibility I will make a Fabric port, however this is very unlikely due to the fact I will have to remake this mod from the ground up and it is missing some features Forge has that this mod uses.