0.7.3 - "The Magical Update"


The Magical Update is the 7th major development release of The Legend of Herobrine which builds upon the Cursed Diamond armor and tools, adding both passive and active abilities to the Cursed Diamond set. This update includes many bugfixes, optimizations, quality of life improvements, and some small rebalancing of existing features. This update focuses on adding unique abilities to the Cursed Diamond set while remaining balanced in Vanilla Minecraft as well as standing out in larger modpacks.



*Updated for Minecraft >= 1.20.2

*Updated Russian Translation by @mpustovoi in #46

*Survivors now swing their arm when attacking. Resolves #44

*Survivors no longer attack creepers

*Improve creative UI organization


+Summoning Herobrine now has stages. Herobrine progresses to the next stage roughly every full day-night cycle with a total of 4 stages (0-3). With each stage more aggressive variants of Herobrine can spawn.

*The spawn rates for Herobrine are now doubled in the Cursed Forest Biome, like it was in the legacy Forge version

*Herobrine no longer spawns in the biome "The Void". There is no difference in the vanilla game, but some mods and datapacks use this biome for custom dimensions which should be empty and no mobs should spawn there

*Fixed a bug where reading save data that is not yet present causes a NullPointerException crashing the game.


+The player can now remove cursed or purified diamonds from an altar of herobrine by right-clicking

*Altar of Herobrine now has a sound for putting a cursed or purified diamond in the altar

*Lightning now only strikes an Altar of Herobrine when the status of Herobrine being summoned changes

*Items that can activate an Altar of Herobrine are now stored in the herobrine:activates_herobrine_altar item tag instead of being hardcoded

*Minor optimizations to activating an Altar of Herobrine

*Fake herobrine mages now despawn when the original is killed

*When a fake herobrine mage is killed it now does not play the death "animation"

*Optimized survivor

*Made the error message for when world save data can not be written to a file easier to understand


+Cursed Diamond Sword now has a magical lightning strike attack charged by kills, the default number of kills to charge the sword is 5 which is configurable with a default of a 50 tick cooldown which is also configurable

+Cursed Diamond Pickaxe now automatically smelts blocks when mining

+Cursed Diamond Hoe now has a magical ability that fertilizes crops with a 500 tick cooldown which can be changed in the config

+Added magical ability to Cursed Diamond Armor which adds status effects to the player when worn and has a full set bonus

+Cursed Diamond Shovel now has a silk touch effect on blocks it is applicable for

+Cursed Diamond Axe now has a berserk ability that gives speed 2, haste 2, strength, and resistance for 30 seconds by default and has a 1 minute (1200 tick) cooldown by default

+Added a config option to change the amount of durability taken from each use of a magical ability, defaulting at 10

*Fix a bug causing a NullPointerException when trading with survivors which led to an exploit where the player could get any trade for free due to null sound events.

*Survivor trades are more balanced now

*Fixed missing item tags

*Fixed the track C418 - Dog not playing

*Mod now uses a less compressed version of C418 - Dog

*Added credits for C418 - Dog

*Fixed Statue of Herobrine sometimes dropping an item when it shouldn't

*All loot tables now use a random sequence introduced in 1.20 Pre-release 1

*All recipes now unlock in the crafting guide when materials are gathered and are grouped properly

*Herobrine Spy now despawns when within 8 blocks of a player or survivor

*Fake Herobrine Mages now make the poof particle and play a sound when killed indicating they are fake clones

*Altar of Herobrine plays a sound when active. When activated with a Cursed Diamond it plays a creepy hum and when with a Purified diamond an ethereal hum. Currently uses the beacon hum with changes in pitch. May change in the future

*Herobrine Warrior now only breaks blocks in the most efficient path to get to the player

*Slightly optimized the code for detecting whether Herobrine can reach its target

*Herobrine Builder now builds structures in the direction it is facing

*Updated supported languages to contain all translations. May not be 100% accurate