0.6.2 - "The Spooky Update"



The 0.6.0 update is the 6th major beta release for The Legend of Herobrine. Its goal is to bring forward the scary and more horror-focused aspects of Herobrine into Minecraft. It adds structures that have been a common part of Herobrine "hauntings" in many stories shared over the years. Herobrine also gains new behavior through the Herobrine stalker which tries to scare and/or inconvenience the player. 0.6.0 also fixes many bugs that have existed in this mod for a while now and introduces a rewritten world save data system that is significantly less resource-intensive and is a lot more stable and reliable. Support for legacy versions of Minecraft (1.15.2, 1.14.4, and 1.12.2) have been dropped due to lack of demand and the fact I would have to rewrite everything again and ensure they all work properly and the exact same way in all versions, 1.12.2 being especially tough to port everything to. I still will be allowing people to make pull requests to the GitHub page and if enough commits are approved I may make an official release for those versions with all the contributors listed in the credits.