0.6.3 - "The Spooky Update"


The 0.6.0 update is the 6th major beta release for The Legend of Herobrine. Its goal is to bring forward the scary and more horror-focused aspects of Herobrine into Minecraft. It adds structures that have been a common part of Herobrine "hauntings" in many stories shared over the years. Herobrine also gains new behavior through the Herobrine stalker which tries to scare and/or inconvenience the player. 0.6.0 also fixes many bugs that have existed in this mod for a while now and introduces a rewritten world save data system that is significantly less resource-intensive and is a lot more stable and reliable. Support for legacy versions of Minecraft (1.15.2, 1.14.4, and 1.12.2) have been dropped due to lack of demand and the fact I would have to rewrite everything again and ensure they all work properly and the exact same way in all versions, 1.12.2 being especially tough to port everything to. I still will be allowing people to make pull requests to the GitHub page and if enough commits are approved I may make an official release for those versions with all the contributors listed in the credits.



*Fixed crash when missing save data for a world.

*Herobrine Spy and Stalker now properly spawn in peaceful mode.

*Fixed crash when Herobrine Warrior attempts to break blocks to reach it's target when it has no current target.

*Removed logical caps for timers used by Herobrine AI and behavior, useful for technical users and modders.

*Fixed Herobrine Stalker AI becoming bugged when "RunningAtTarget" boolean is set to "true" by commands or another mod.

*Added function to reset the AI state of the Herobrine Stalker, useful for modders.

*The Herobrine Stalker now moves more slowly and pursues the player for a much shorter amount of time.

*Fixed Herobrine Stalker targets and attempts to attack Survivors.

*Survivors can no longer trade while in combat.

*All Variants of Herobrine and infected mobs are 50% more common in Cursed Forest biomes.

*Various optimizations to entities.

*Cursed Forest biomes are no longer considered ideal for player spawn.


*Fixed Purified Block of Diamond item being incorrectly tied to the Herobrine Statue top block.

+Added config option to make Herobine chat messages only display to the player who activated the altar of Herobrine, like how it was before the 0.6.0 update.


*Fixed Herobrine Mage teleporting a target that is riding an entity causes issues with the game thinking the target is still riding the entity while the target can freely move around.

*Improved how registry events are handled.

*Improved how blocks and block items are registered.


*Herobrine and Infected mobs have glowing eyes.

+Added Herobrine stalker that wanders around the world then charges the player and gives them blindness and nausea.

+Added music disc "C418 - dog" which is present in the Minecraft Volume Alpha album but was never added to the game.

*Made scaling of entities more consistent with vanilla Minecraft.

+Added the ability to register custom survivor skins through an early addon system.

*Entity spawn placement is registered at the same time entities are.

*Herobrine Builder now places signs 10% of the time it would place a structure.

*Fixed despawn and spellcast effects for Herobrine.

+Added crafting recipe for Purified Diamond.

*Fixed language provider error on Forge 36.1.0+.

*Trapped houses and Herobrine Statues only generate after an Altar has been activated.

+Added Sand Pyramids in Ocean biomes that spawns after an Altar has been activated.

+Added glowstone pillars that generate after an Altar has been activated.

*Rewrote world save data again. Fixes issues with multiplayer, client/server desync issues, and a bug where savedata would carry over to other worlds and cause many issues. Please note that world save data will be reset upon upgrading your world.

*Fixed a typo in the registry name and translation key of Altar of Herobrine. Please note that existing altars will be removed from the world when upgrading.

*Fixed Infected Donkey uses incorrect ears model.

+Added Config option controlling how Herobrine spawns in the end dimension.

*Rebalanced default spawn weights. It is recommended you reset your config to get the latest values.

*Herobrine Altar now drops the diamond it is holding if activated or purified.

*Fixed a bug where mobs would try to target survivors through walls.

*Cleaned up assets directory.

*Holy Water and Cursed Dust now use shapeless crafting recipes and cursed dust yields 4 dust.

*The Herobrine builder only builds Ominous Mineshafts 10% of the time to prevent cave systems from being ruined.