Legacy Downloads

0.6.5 - "The Spooky Update" (Fabric Branch)



Initial release for Fabric 1.20+

Requires Fabric loader >= 0.14.21 and Fabric API >= 0.83.0

Built and tested on Minecraft 1.20.1, Fabric Loader 0.14.21, and Fabric API 0.83.1+1.20.1

Tested to work on Quilt loader >= 0.19.0 and QFAPI >= 7.0.2 + QSL >= 6.0.3

Differences between Forge 1.16.5

+Herobrine Mage has an extra magical ability named "Hold", inspired by Force Choke from Star Wars

*MANY bug fixes

*Mod now uses a custom save data API to handle config and world save data that stores values in JSON files. I personally didn't like the vanilla options and hated the idea of dependencies outside Fabric API so I made my own system

*Herobrine now uses random number generation for various attacks and events to add more variation to gameplay

*Herobrine now spawns on the outer end islands by default

*All textures are based off their latest vanilla counterparts

*Minor texture improvements with Cursed Diamonds, Cursed Dust, and the Altar of Herobrine

*Altar of Herobrine is now crafted with gold ingots instead of gold blocks to be less annoying to obtain

*Creative UI is now organized

*World generation is now handled mostly through data

*Terrain now properly adapts around custom structures

*Structures now work with the /locate command

*Survivor base can now spawn in any overworld land biome

*Trapped House can now spawn on any block

*Statues of Herobrine can now spawn on any block in any mountain or hill biome and the stony beach

*Spawn rates are far more balanced

*Code is far more optimized

Legacy Forge Version

0.6.3 - "The Spooky Update" (Forge Branch)



*Fixed crash when missing save data for a world.

*Herobrine Spy and Stalker now properly spawn in peaceful mode.

*Fixed crash when Herobrine Warrior attempts to break blocks to reach it's target when it has no current target.

*Removed logical caps for timers used by Herobrine AI and behavior, useful for technical users and modders.

*Fixed Herobrine Stalker AI becoming bugged when "RunningAtTarget" boolean is set to "true" by commands or another mod.

*Added function to reset the AI state of the Herobrine Stalker, useful for modders.

*The Herobrine Stalker now moves more slowly and pursues the player for a much shorter amount of time.

*Fixed Herobrine Stalker targets and attempts to attack Survivors.

*Survivors can no longer trade while in combat.

*All Variants of Herobrine and infected mobs are 50% more common in Cursed Forest biomes.

*Various optimizations to entities.

*Cursed Forest biomes are no longer considered ideal for player spawn.


*Fixed Purified Block of Diamond item being incorrectly tied to the Herobrine Statue top block.

+Added config option to make Herobine chat messages only display to the player who activated the altar of Herobrine, like how it was before the 0.6.0 update.


*Fixed Herobrine Mage teleporting a target that is riding an entity causes issues with the game thinking the target is still riding the entity while the target can freely move around.

*Improved how registry events are handled.

*Improved how blocks and block items are registered.


*Herobrine and Infected mobs have glowing eyes.

+Added Herobrine stalker that wanders around the world then charges the player and gives them blindness and nausea.

+Added music disc "C418 - dog" which is present in the Minecraft Volume Alpha album but was never added to the game.

*Made scaling of entities more consistent with vanilla Minecraft.

+Added the ability to register custom survivor skins through an early addon system.

*Entity spawn placement is registered at the same time entities are.

*Herobrine Builder now places signs 10% of the time it would place a structure.

*Fixed despawn and spellcast effects for Herobrine.

+Added crafting recipe for Purified Diamond.

*Fixed language provider error on Forge 36.1.0+.

*Trapped houses and Herobrine Statues only generate after an Altar has been activated.

+Added Sand Pyramids in Ocean biomes that spawns after an Altar has been activated.

+Added glowstone pillars that generate after an Altar has been activated.

*Rewrote world save data again. Fixes issues with multiplayer, client/server desync issues, and a bug where savedata would carry over to other worlds and cause many issues. Please note that world save data will be reset upon upgrading your world.

*Fixed a typo in the registry name and translation key of Altar of Herobrine. Please note that existing altars will be removed from the world when upgrading.

*Fixed Infected Donkey uses incorrect ears model. 

+Added Config option controlling how Herobrine spawns in the end dimension.

*Rebalanced default spawn weights. It is recommended you reset your config to get the latest values.

*Herobrine Altar now drops the diamond it is holding if activated or purified.

*Fixed a bug where mobs would try to target survivors through walls.

*Cleaned up assets directory.

*Holy Water and Cursed Dust now use shapeless crafting recipes and cursed dust yields 4 dust.

*The Herobrine builder only builds Ominous Mineshafts 10% of the time to prevent cave systems from being ruined.

0.5.4 - "The Adventure Update"


+Herobrine can now be un-summoned by activating an Altar of Herobrine with a Purified Diamond!

+The Altar of Herobrine now needs to be built on a shrine to summon and un-summon Herobrine (See Description). This can be disabled in Config

+Added Cursed Block of Diamond.

+Added Statue of Herobrine.

+Added Purified Block of Diamond.

+Added Purified Diamond.

+Added Config.

+All Infected mobs can be cured by throwing Holy Water on them.

+Added Survivor, which trades items useful in summoning and defeating Herobrine. They spawn in Survivor Bases, and in Steve and Alex variants.

+Added Infected Bats, Donkeys, Horses, Llamas, Rabbits, and Wolves.

*Most Entities (except for infected llamas due to limitations) now are instances of Abstract classes, this allows for optimization, and makes developing addons for this mod easier.

*Fixed spawning of mobs, Infected mobs no longer spawn underground, and the nether and end are actually playable with this mod now.

*The powerful Herobrine mobs have been balanced to be more fair.

*Fixed dimensions not syncing custom world data properly with this mod.

*Fixed bugs on LAN worlds and servers.

*Spawning of almost everything added has been re-balanced, Structures and biomes are configurable now.

+There is a Config option to enable the Bedrock Sword!

+Added a Statue of Herobrine structure.

+Added Shrine Remnants structure.

+Added Survivor Base structures

*Fixed parity between Minecraft versions!

*Upgraded textures in 1.12.2.

*Fixed a bug where servers don't properly sync the world data after a restart in 1.12.2.

*Reworked how Infected mobs drop loot. They now pull the loot table of the vanilla mob and adds a 20% chance for cursed dust to drop, which is affected by looting. Modded item drops should now apply to Infected mobs.

*Config names have been changed to be easier to understand and not require a config reset when upgrading to this version, however you should still reset the config for 1.12.2, but this is not needed.

*Presumably fixed a bug some people were having where the altar does not activate when it should.

*Corrected grammatical mistakes in the Spanish translation.

*Reworked how entity loot is applied which makes all herobrine variants use the same loot table and infected sheep can now drop cursed dust when not sheared.

*Fixed a bug where world data would desync when changing dimensions

*Fixed entity speeds

+Added Spawn Weight config for entities.

*Fixed Infected Brown Mooshrooms create Red Mooshroom when cured. This requires the use of an access transformer and therefore may cause some compatibility issues with some mods

*Fixed a client/server desync where some players playing on a multiplayer server can't see Herobrine and Infected Mobs.

+Initial 1.16.5 release.

*Updated Russian Translation.

*MANY optimizations and minor bug fixes.

0.4.6 - "The Herobrine Update"


*Updated logo.

*Changed the existing Herobrine entity to "Herobrine Warrior."

+Added Herobrine Spy.

+Added Herobrine Builder.

+Added Herobrine Mage.

*Tweaked how Herobrine based mobs spawn.

*Herobrine mobs no longer burn in the sun.

*Infected mobs have a chance of lighting the player on fire if they are on fire.

*Optimized the Altar of Herobrine.

*Fixed a bug causing a chat message to appear to the player twice after activating the Altar of Herobrine.

*Added punctuation to the chat message the player receives after activating the Altar of Herobrine.

*Optimized savegame data.

*Optimized code surrounding the Trapped house.

*Optimized renders for Herobrine Warrior, Herobrine Spy, and Herobrine Builder.

*Optimized infected mobs and Herobrine mobs.

+Initial 1.14.4 release.

+Initial 1.12.2 Release

*Fixed a bug that caused Cursed Diamonds to not be consumed after activating an Altar of Herobrine multiple times in a world.

*Fixed an issue where various timers that most Herobrine mobs use would reset after a relog.

*Changed the way spawning is registered to biome types, should now work with modded biomes.

*Fixed an extremely rare bug that caused Herobrine mobs to be unable to spawn after the alter of herobrine as activated.

+Added Russian Translation, credits to KickDemonAss.

+Added Polish Translation, credits to kubix1006.

+Added Simplified Chinese translation, Credits to rtxyd.

+Added support for every variation of English Minecraft supports.

*Tweaked Spawning of every mob added by this mod to be more balanced.

*Made the Suspicious House Structure more common.

*You now need to be holding a Cursed diamond to activate an Altar of Herobrine.

*Lightning now always strikes when activating an Altar of Herobrine.

*Fixed Typo in Altar of Herobrine.

*Fixed a crash when loading mod on a multiplayer server in 1.15.2.

0.3.2 - "The Exploration Update"


+Added Cursed dust.

*Changed the crafting recipe of the Cursed Diamond to be a diamond surrounded by cursed dust.

+Added Holy Water and Unholy Water.

+Added loot table for Herobrine, Herobrine drops gunpowder, and rarely cursed dust, gold ingots, or Unholy Water.

+Added infected versions of chickens, pigs, cows, sheep, and villagers with white eyes.

+Added Cursed Forest biome, a forest mostly without leaves.

+Added Trapped House Structure with loot.

*Made the hitbox of the Altar of Herobrine perfectly align with the model.

+Added particles and a light level to the activated Altar of Herobrine.

*You can now activate the Altar of Herobrine multiple times.

*Fixed bugs surrounding whether the hand should swing for the Altar of Herobrine.

*Attempted to fix a very rare bug where Herobrine sometimes doesn't spawn when he should.

*You can no longer obtain the Bedrock Sword in survival mode due to it being overpowered.

+Added the Infected Mooshroom.

*Herobrine can now spawn in Mushroom biomes.

*Improved the code surrounding the spawning of Herobrine and infected mobs.

*Fixed a bug where Herobrine and infected mobs sometimes flash in and out of existence before the Altar of Herobrine is activated.

*Fixed compatibility with forge update checker.

*Many code optimizations and improvements.

0.2.1 - "The Cursed Update"


+Added Cursed Diamond armor and tools.

*Changed the crafting recipes of the Cursed Diamond and Altar of Herobrine.

-Removed Active Herobrine Altar Block.

+Added active blockstate for the Altar of Herobrine, which effectively replaces the Active block.

*Fixed a bug where upon activating the Altar of Herobrine looses waterlogged state.

*Updated UV mappings for the Altar of Herobrine to be more consistent with vanilla Minecraft's texture resolutions.

*Added a proper hitbox for the Altar of Herobrine.

*Fixed a bug where water does not flow from the Altar of herobrine which was due to an incorrect hitbox.

+Added dedicated particle textures for the Altar of Herobrine and its activated state.

*Fixed an oversight in the mods description, which showed an incorrect version number.

+Updated from 1.15.1 to 1.15.2.

*Various code optimizations.

0.1.0 - "The Legend of Herobrine Initial Public Alpha"


First version ever publicly released. Very minimal content, lots of bugs, including the possibility of world corruption. It is highly recommended that you do not use this version. This file is intended for historical purposes only. It is recommended you use at least 0.2.1 or later.