Forge, Fabric, 1.17+, and Planned Updates

Last updated 8/13/2021

It has been a while since my last update so I would like to clear up some things about this mod and what my plans are for the future. As stated in my last update I have been on a break from this mod to focus on IRL things and now seems like a good time to start up development again. The past couple of months I've thought about the direction I want to go with this mod between now and the full release and I've decided to move from Minecraft Forge to Fabric. My reasoning is that Forge has been becoming increasingly unstable with each update and takes forever to update to a newer Minecraft version compared to Fabric being available day of release and with many updates, the mod needs to be almost entirely rewritten to work properly and Fabric with Fabric API is more than robust enough to support my mod. I plan on making the 1.17 port available for Fabric and possibly Forge however, the 1.18 port will be exclusively a Fabric release. I have been wanting to increase the scope of my mod to be more than just a "vanilla" style mod because the same old Herobrine over and over again gets repetitive after a while no matter how many cool and interesting variants I make. Without revealing too much I plan on adding more structures, dungeons, adventure, and many new items and abilities. There will be an emphasis on being unique to vanilla Minecraft and adding new systems such as a relatively simple dark magic system and special abilities for the cursed diamond toolset. The idea is that the mod will fit in nicely with vanilla Minecraft while also remaining relevant and still a core part of the game in massive modpacks.

Discord Server, Recent Events, and The Future of This Mod

Last Updated 8/17/2021

As of the past few months development for this mod has seemed to slow to a near halt until recently and I have been rather quiet when it comes to keeping everyone updated, so I would like to clear some things up here and provide a rough outline of what the future of this mod is going to look like starting with the discord server. The server has become rather stale the past couple months and having it has become more of a chore than anything to keep up and it hasn't become what I originally envisioned for the server so I made the decision to terminate the official Discord server on August 20th, 2021. The original purpose of the Discord server was to provide a way for me to interact with the community and provide an easy way to contact me and a place to post updates and preview builds. I have not been nearly as active on Discord as I used to be and I created pages for preview builds and announcements on the official website that are much cleaner and I have much more control over than a channel in a Discord server so it's purpose is now redundant. Development has been so slowed down recently because I just have not had the time or energy to keep development at a steady pace because I've been really busy recently. I am not giving an estimated time for when full-scale development will return as it is hard to tell, however, I have set a deadline for releasing version 1.0 on Halloween 2022 which is over a year away, but this will give me more than enough time to create the best mod I can. I have taken the past few months to think about the direction that I want to go with this mod and I am very excited for what the future has to offer!